A Teachable Moment

"... all moments are teachable,..."
However, this is not a "common-sense" option, but a "beyond common sense" option, a "playing with a full deck" option, a "getting all cylinders firing, tuning the engine", "getting the wheels aligned", one foot "on the accelerator", other foot all the way "off the brake" option; a "the lights are on, and somebody is actually home" option, a higher intelligence, higher integrity option. Comprendez vous?

It's a "smarty-pants" option: it will make you capable of being a "smarty pants" and maybe of getting away with it.

Higher integrity always helps, isn't it so? (See?)

FIRST STEP (preparation: "connecting the dots" | future pacing):
forming congruence, oneself, turning all of your faculties on and bringing them on-line:

penetration (focus) of our felt-intention for something to exist
imagining "direction" (in the minimum unit of positive change)
remembering "persistence"
attending to it all appearing at and as a location

Get all four going. There are ways to get all going and to integrate them; you may ask me.
Here's one (very basic, but very focusing) procedure,
called, "TetraSeed Harmonic Anchoring":

intending [x] existence
imagining [x] direction
remembering [x] persistence
attending to [x] location

You may have noticed your mind dissolve, momentarily, as you read those four, and likely some physical shifts (kinaesthetic integration and self-balancing). If not the first time, likely after a few times. These are "anchor collapsings" (better term: anchor linking and synergy) that occurs as the four come on-line.

SECOND STEP (launch): employing the means of communication to further what has been prepared, in the first step.

This is a template or "example form" that may be applied to, "work for", and to come into higher integrity (intelligence) with, "fight". Integrity always helps, isn't it so?

Best to start with the first step.
very powerful

The Psycho-Active Gold Key Release -- for when you've adequately practiced "bringing the Four on-line" (The Set-Up Procedure). You'll know, by feel, when you're adequately proficient with it.

(contains audio:)
So I have provided the means by which those creative in other domains, than I, may empower themselves to weather the turbulence between those who would advance the well-being of humanity and those who exert an anti-evolutionary influence, empower themselves to function creatively and well amid that turbulence (evolutionary flatulence).

So, with a tip of the hat to NLP, Grinder and Bandler and those who have followed, we have covered V, A, K -- and O !! , anchoring, anchor collapsing, future pacing, physiological changes, bringing about change "ecologically", and now, below, higher-order integration

Any moment may turn out to be a teachable moment.

The Living TetraSeed Nested Hierarchy
Fours Integrated into Fours

copyright 2017 Lawrence Gold

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