Recovering Your Faculties of Sanity in an Insane Time and in a Largely Insane World

Well, by now it's obvious that some major public institutions in The United States of America are in a major state of imbalance -- meaning that the individuals who populate them are mentally unbalanced -- in politics, commerce, interpersonal relations, gender relations, international relations, the entertainment business -- you get my drift. You may find more.
  1. The Congress of the United States . . . well, need more be said?
  2. the stolen Presidential nomination . . .
  3. the new cabinet of the Trump administration
  4. the mass shootings by lone individuals . . .
  5. the police shootings of unarmed African-Americans . . .
  6. the tendency of higher authorities close ranks with their police departments, rather than to discipline errant personnel involved in those shooting (including senior police authorities) . . .
  7. illicit government spying and data gathering on citizens . . .
  8. the blatant attempt of the U.S. Government to place multinational corporate power above that of sovereign governments through The Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  9. the failure of the federal government to fund renovation of the Flint, Michigan water facilities . . .
  10. the general state of repair of the commonwealth's infrastructure -- roads, bridges, water service, electric grid, energy sources . . .
  11. the lies and deceit that are accepted as the norm in politics . . .
  12. the placing of money in the position of top priority over the health of the planet and the many of humanity, as with Bayer and Monsanto . . .
  13. the money-grubbing profiteering of the pharmaceutical industry . . .
  14. the "take as much as I can and give as little as possible" attitude of Big Businesses
  15. the movements to support a third-party Presidential candidate who might possibly win in a universe of unexpected miracles, but otherwise draws votes from the more progressive of the two dominant candidates . . .
  16. the idea that anything is acceptable in the name of Business, as long as it's not technically against the law, regardless of its effects upon others or even the health of the biosphere . . .
  17. the low regard with which the process of education is held in government, to the point of defunding the means by which civilization passes from generation to generation . . .
  18. the vulgar degeneration of the quality of movies and video entertainment into dark views and violence . . .
  19. the dispirited emptiness of contemporary music, in which what it lacks in harmonious musicality it makes up for in loudness, and what it lacks in rhythm, in makes up for in heaviness of beat . . .
The stupidity is everywhere. How do we account for it?

I suggest that it isn't stupidity. It's insanity. It's the product of being mentally unbalanced -- so unbalanced that the notion of being "mentally imbalanced" doesn't even make a dent in people's attention.

Now, the thing about insanity is that the insane person doesn't question his own sanity. He believes he is sane. He believes everyone else is insane, if he believes anything about them, at all.

He is intent upon doing things his own way and getting everyone else to do things his way. He is pushy.

Here is the gist of his insanity: The world he perceives and relates to is actually the content of his own psyche, his memory pattern of the world as he sees it (and this goes for women, too, of course). He is relating to the world according to his idea of the world and of what it is, as if that were so.  He reacts to circumstances according to his own idea of the world. The problem is that he is so dense that an accurate perception of the world can't penetrate his stupidity, which paints the world with a broad brush. 

He, himself, is a blunt instrument. His narrow mind takes a very limited number of things into account; he is insufficiently attentive to things unlike what he believes in and dominated by the certainty that he knows what he knows, while his exercise of intention is excessive and poorly directed. He operates from knowledge of the past, resistant to modification by the changing conditions of the present. His imagination is largely shaped by what has gone before and so his vision of the future is blunted and uninspired. He is no visionary, but a reactionary and his highest hope is fulfillment of "status quo" goals, his greatest fear is not to know and to lose power. As I said, he is a blunt instrument.

And as that, he goes out to enforce his way upon the world.

The problem is the way in which he enforces it. As I said, he is a blunt instrument.

So, he brutalizes the world while misunderstanding it -- and he doesn't really take in the consequences of his actions.

Thus, he is insane -- even criminally insane -- while being LEGAL!

We are seeing an epidemic of insanity in world-culture. In the United States of America, the news media both report that insanity on a daily basis and contribute to it when it serves their monetary interests.

In short, the centralized mass-communications media are also insane. And they are intent upon doing things the way they see fit.

In my field, clinical somatic education, I say something somewhat frequently:

"When crooked feels straight, straight feels crooked."

My clients alway arrive in a state of tense distortion that they cannot control. Generally, they underestimate the degree of their distortion and sometimes are not aware of certain distortions of theirs, at all. After a session, when they are substantially more free of those distorting tensions, I must teach them a way to repeatedly show themselves the difference between being distorted and being straight. Otherwise, they tend to revert to the familiar crooked distortions, because "When crooked feels straight, straight feels crooked." (Fortunately, this tendency to revert is short-lived -- a few days.)

The word, "crooked," has customarily been applied to politicians. However, to the politicians, themselves, they seem acceptably straight, and everyone else is "off". To be crooked is normal and acceptable to them, and, it appears, to a large percentage of the voting population. People are used to "the crooked," to the point where "straight" seems wrong.

As I said, mass insanity.

So now, the point of all this:

Observe the news. Recognize the news reports (or "stories", as they fancifully call them) as reports of insanity as it pervades our society.

Awaken from the insanity, yourself.

How do you do that?

Recover and develop your basic faculties of intelligence:


If you wonder what those words mean, you really need to recover your faculties.

If you wonder how to recover your faculties, there are specific mental tools (procedures) by which you awaken them in yourself to balance and integrate them with each other.

In the process, the distorting influences of social conditioning and inherited memory will become evident in you -- on their way out. In other words, by time you see them, they're already leaving, leaving you with mental clarity. Mental clarity, by the way, has nothing to do with decisiveness; it has to do with open attention and open intelligence. They only way to understand that is to experience it.

In my professional work, I have another saying:

"Ya gotta wanna."

and I will teach you the mental tools, starting with The Gold Key Release. 

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