Nothing is Something | Emptyness is Form | Gesundheit!

If there is recognition of, "nothing", then it's something.

"Nothing" gets recognized by memory as . . . . .
"NOTHING ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , "

The absence of "NOTHING ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , " is nothing
and we don't know what that is.
(Guess why.)

Kind of tacitly "behind" everything
exists the perspective of "the seer"
the Hereness of the seer,
a position in the midst of everything
that seems to be witnessing it all
and seems to be witnessed by it all
a living, centralized impression of Totality
both local and non-local
felt as the seer.

When seen,
the seer is a living memory in motion,
moving, modifying, forming, persisting, changing
taking temporary forms to
appear as someone
in the incomprehensible

(not written by Victor Borge)

Diane Hamilton, I see you as beautifully radiant.
The quality of your attention is beautiful
and draws one into serenity by reminding oneself
of one's own empty self-nature (no cliche intended).
(Wait a minute!  I may just be seeing my own Shadow material.....!)


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