Hereness is Transcendentally Inclusive


"Hereness" is not determined by our surroundings.
"Hereness" is determined by, " I ".

Our surroundings change.
Our interiors change.

The essence of " I " never changes.
" I " remain Here.

Life is variable.
"Hereness" is invariable.

" I " is always wherever "I" IS
whether or not " I " knows what " I " is.

So, all " I "  can say is,  "Here" " I " IS!
 ("Here I is!")

" I " never knows and remembers the origin of "Hereness".
The origin of "Hereness" is forever Unknown.

" I " never knows the location of "Hereness".
The location of "Hereness" is forever Unknown.

That is our very nature.

We just assume that we know.

We take the particulars of our surroundings
for "Hereness",

and take those particulars as being the origin (cause) of our "Hereness"
and the location of our "Hereness"

when really
all of our surroundings are is its temporary proxy
("things in proximity").

We take the proxy for "Hereness",
"Hereness" which is forever available, forever undefined,
whereas the proxy is ever-changing and offers no reliable availability.

So we start clinging -- and clinging to the wrong thing, at that,
clinging to the slippery slope proxy
instead of standing in the always here
in full communion and participation with what is temporarily here.

Why?  Because we can't help ourselves.  By time we notice it, it's already  too late; it's already in motion and all we can do is live it through or oppose it.

What we can do is to thoroughly experience what we are being as we are being ourselves, whatever that is.  It's a maneuver of attention.

When attention steadies, the thing held in attention dissolves.

Through that attending and dissolving,
we may recall the "Hereness" of " I-AM - ness",
which is the ever-present location in which all of our experiencing occurs
and which is the "pilot light" of our existence.

That is the disposition of awareness.


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