Somatic Harmonization | Bringing Probabilities into Existence

Hey! FOLKS!! Let's do an experiment in "somatic harmonization"* and see what we can do. 

*through group alignment of attention and intention
in a certain direction,
setting up a resonance in the morphic field
for the self-organizing,
and immanent appearance
of a good-hearted "possibility-become-event". 

We call the act, "somatic harmonization" and the event, "an attractive possibility to actually happen."

We organize for new experiences from our core | our attention, our intention, and our memory-imagination coalesce and move.  In the coalescence of imagination (daydreaming, fantasizing, anchor aweigh), memory (getting situated, anchor down), material appearance (believing it matters) , and perpetuation (our imperative, whether toward, away or around) we generate a favorable condition for an event -- remembered, happening, or fantasized/dreamed -- to occur in our experience.

Let us "imagine into being" more and more use of Tibetan icons in the mass-entertainment media -- for mass preservation and regeneration of the Tibetan people and culture.  Icons in advertising, in drama and comedy, in film, just momentary appearances, enough to make an impression on memory that can accumulate.

Lest this be confused with "Harmonic Convergence" thinking, let me point out that it takes sufficient time to stabilize a readily accessible memory in the morphic field as if were presently happening.  A day, even with buzz before and after, is insufficient to set up a stable morphic field when random public individuals are involved, who otherwise have little in common.  That was "The Harmonic Convergence, and "11/11/11" -- a lot of imagination, some memory, and not much correlation between the talk and the events.  Somatic awakening is a trump card, a special resource, a secret potentiality -- an actuality -- the potentiality available with greater somatic awakening and higher integration, dissolving old and materializing new imperatives.

Hearkens back to my essay, "Where is Somatics Headed?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating (not in the recipe).

I will say this:  What I have described, here, is what makes "Mastermind" groups effective.

yours truly,
Voice in the Wilderness

hell-o-O-o-o . . . . .

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