God is not An Unpredictable, Potentially Dangerous, Autocratic SuperSpook

Is the limit of development of God's identity to be
some sort of unpredictable, potentially dangerous, autocratic

It has been written,
"No man may look upon the face of God and live."

That sounds like a SuperSpook, to me.

How about another perspective:
that whatever God may be
God is not a he
or a she
although God may pervade
he and she
as the mystery at the deepest unknown essence
of a he or a she.

God is not a person
but God may be perceived to pervade persons
to appear via and through a person
as the person's radiance, the person's light.

What God pervades
shines with virtue.

And in truth
God pervades it all,
though that may not be noticed
in the involvement with it all
or buried in the density of self.

The Mystery is the heart of all,
accessible through any and all,
at least potentially.

The Mystery of it all cannot be denied.
Mystery is ever-present.

But it confounds us
with our inability
to get a fix on it,
deflected, as the same poles of two magnets,
seek to deflect aside from each other.

It is that force of deflection
when we persist in facing into the Mystery
that illuminates us and inspires our actions
into ingenious, fitting form.

Then, our actions communicate the genius of the Mystery, itself.

We "dwadle" the Mystery
manifesting Mystery as ourselves
and our actions shine with genius.

Mystery is Source,
pervading all that appears defined
as living genius.

God :

Pushing the swirling memories of existence around
and illuminating them with new, ever-emerging genius,
existence, given momentum by density and the slowness of density to change
to create the appearance of Time,
the movements of things
and the changing of things
from one thing into another.

Density gives substance to, and is, the experience of, time.

God creates the appearance of time
by creating the appearance of density.

Gazing into God
throws one into the Mystery
so that one may not see the face of God
and persist in ones present form.
Rather, our density softens, expands and loosens
so that we change more readily
from one thing into another.

In that sense, no one may see the face of God
and live as (s)he has lived.

Mutation is upon him
who sees into the ineffable, deflective, indefinable Fount of Mystery.

Inspiration comes not from self
or the effort of self
or the aspiration of self,
but from the confounding of self
in intentional confrontation with the Mystery
that faces us in every moment of creative action.

We witness the emergence of "something" from the direction of Mystery
which then appears in the medium and language of our lives in action
paradoxically becoming embodied in form -- as form --
that, being recognizable, because part of our daily language
communicates its functioning as ingenious fitness.

(Try that one on!  Ha!)

And so, one who does not face the face of God with open eyes
is bound to the remembered order of things,
in bondage to conditions,
not saved from death, and less alive.

The resurrection of the being
comes with remembrance --
remembering to touch in with the Confounding Face of God from time to time,
on occasion,
to be transformed (softer and looser)
or to be outshined by the Mystery
even as we appear to be mired in and as
a dense, slowly changing form with momentum to endure as we are.

God is not an unpredictable, dangerous, autocratic SuperSpook.
God, if we may say, is the genius of newness, the enlivening of life
and the mysterious power of life, beyond life, itself.

But not Him.
Not Him, except insofar as he is the embodying vehicle
of the Mystery of all
that gives life to all,
and more abundantly
and so the glory is not His,
but that of the great Mystery and Source
referred to as The Father,
but which is really more like a Grandfather
or even a Grandmother,
or a rich Uncle.

Therefore, submit all things
before the Mystery
as if as a sacrifice,
so that it may transform
not through burning to ashes and drippings
but through transformation and pervasion
by the Mystery,
the intuition of  which attracts attention,
Curiosity enticed by Mystery
Mystery that internally corrects and reforms
shapes and guides 
the living form that we verily are.

Now, if you understand that,
I have this piece of property in Brooklyn --
a bridge, as a matter of fact,
that for the right price . . .

But that's in another universe
another world
another dream.

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