Touched, Moved and Inspired

There is always the emergence
of unknown possibility
from the unknown,

persisting in being unknown
as it emerges
from the unknown
as an unknown,
into the apparently "known"
itself becoming known.

"Known" for a while, it undergoes changes

and finally,
becomes unknown, again, in the unknown.

When it first emerges
it is a sense of mere possibility
the seed of experience
an intuition
with a sense of zinging or pressing or vibrating into existence
felt even before thought of it
felt without knowledge of what it is.

The unknown is both the source of our condition
and our very condition, in the "very" now.

The "very" now
is not what most people take as,
"the now" or "the Now" or "The Now". (whatever.)
All of that now-ness is memory,
beginning in the apparently present moment
as short-term memory-in-action
(Yes, the "present" moment is the past. Perception is not immediate.)
and moving into long-term memory ("self" and all that is seemingly known, believed, held as possible, imagined, and remembered).
It's all memory.

The "very" now
is VOID,
the unknown unfolding of experience
 before we perceive or know it.
It is What we Don't Know We Don't Know
and all possibilities are the "not yet"
emerging and becoming known
as the full expression of experience
and then recorded as the tracings of memory.

But our first experience of experience
is a confrontation with the unknown.

With attention on the unknown
a confrontation with the unknown
bears fruit
in the form of an endless succession
of arrays and displays of experience,
dreams of events
that unfold in us
as us
and with us.

and non-being (or the Unknown that We Don't Know We Don't Know)
coincide in the emergence of new possibility,
first experienced, as "unknown".
New possibility is unknown, uninterpretable at first, but sensed.

Then, through actions that follow,
the new possibility, unknown,
takes form in our ordinary doing.

It becomes known through our speech,
through our choices, our actions
and in the events that occur to manifest a new possibility,
previously unknown,
now becoming known in terms of everything we have around us and everything that is us.

All said here must be tested
with oneself as the laboratory
to be distinctly ones experience,
rather than indistinctly so,
since it is the way "it" works, ordinarily
even without our conscious awareness of it.

The extra layer of intelligence beyond a life lived in default of responsibility
is one of intuiting the unknown-ness
of "the present, VOID"
as the context in which our known and present conditions (immediate short-term memory)

It is an act of intelligence to do so.

It is the opening of intelligence
to higher intelligence
the open space that Mystery,
or The Don't Know We Don't Know,
or the present VOIDNESS
leaves for emergence.

The body is the manifestation
in particular form
of a field we call, "mind"
-- attention, intention, memory and imagination
all manifested bodily.

The memories operating at any moment
conscious or sub-conscious
show up as the tensional set of the person,
posturally, muscularly, physiologically.

There are not "two" -- "mind"-and-"body".
What we perceive from within, we call, "mind".
What others perceive of us,
and what we look at and identify as ourselves,
what we can measure or size up,
we call, "body".

The body is like a musical instrument
whose physiology flows and moves in waves
along with movements of the thought-stream
that we call mind.

The ebb and flow of our physiology
tangibly manifests the flow of mind, emotion, and sensation
that we feel as our inner selves.

Our physiology tangibly holds our memories,
reflects the movements of the thought-stream,
and changes as emotions play out.

Our states of readiness to spring into action
stem from our "as if always, already knowning"
as if what happened is still happening.

The pain of "too much knowing", "too much readiness"
is too much tension, too much pre-determination,
too much believing that we know how things will turn out
and too much holding a steady readiness to act accordingly.

Our pains, emotional and often, physical,
stem from entrapment by memory.

Memory is not "mental"; it is somatic.
It involves the wholeness that is both the inner and the outer person.

Ways and means of  awakening or recovering
intuition of the present VOID, (or freedom),
of resting in uncertainty
that is What We Don't Know We Don't Know
-- are available --
and may be adapted to the "level" or domain
of the entrapment of memory
and may not look as expected
or like anything else associated with that domain.

The original, the new, is always unknown, at first.

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