The Name of All

I have recently been impressed with how closely "name" (the proper noun) is connected with the three reflexes of stress.

The three reflexes of stress are basically this:
  1. opening and moving into experience
  2. closing and shrinking away from experience
  3. avoiding or favoring (turning toward) experiences
These three behaviors underlie all other modes of behavior.

Our name is how people get our attention.  In fact and in essence, our name is our attention marker, the trigger to get our attention.  It's others' way of getting us to turn toward them (at least, our attention) to open toward them.

What happens after that is interesting.  There are a few general possibilities about which we can talk.

One thing that may happen is that our attention is roused from rest, from dormancy -- dormancy, as in "dormez vous" -- "are you sleeping" -- Frere Jacques, "brother John".  or Jack.

What happens after activation of attention is activation of memory.  All the associations of the moment, all the strongest memories, memories of recent events, the deep undercurrent of memories of more distant events that made an impression upon us.  The activation rises up as a thin stalk of attention aimed into a memory and expands, by remembered associations, into something resembling of dandelion, a puff-ball of memories, mixing and swirling, oscillating, pulling this way and that, and all somehow implying 

a "someone", 
"a" soma, 
a center of self-generated activity

a dynamic memory ball
given a name,
a name that when called (or invoked)
stimulates the dyamic memory-ball.

Fair enough.  (laughter in the distance)

Which way does it go?

  • open
  • close
  • shrink in
  • be-long long
  • face
  • avoid
  • enter repose at balance
  • arise from repose through imbalance
  • activity
  • rest
Do we open or do we close? (when we hear our name)

Do we face or do we turn away? (when we hear our name)

Do we shrink in or do we feel we be-long? (when we hear our name)

Do we feel at repose or do we feel roused? (when we hear our name)

All our activity is in our own name
as the responsible party.

Say the name,
get roused.

But aroused how?

That is not to be "known" or stated.
It is to be experienced
and known as experience
but somehow identified as we,
by name.

What happens when the name 
is recognized as just a name
for the memories the name invokes 
and that a name is a memory  



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