To Know Self Totally Is To Disappear (urp)

as body embodying mind
am soma.

Whoa, hold it right there, partner.
Better get that one before moving on.
Take your time.

as soma
can never be completely known.

To know myself in totality as soma
equalizes attention in all directions
so nothing stands out
except a kind of equilibrium
indistinguishable from 'no knowing'
no known place
no certain time

So "I"
as soma
can never completely be known.

Which means that the meaning of this stanza
can never completely be known,
for this stanza
is about being soma.

Being soma, I am somatically
embodied mind.

I am soma,
somatically embodied mind.

What I am
can never completely be known.

Thus, I am continuous with rested mind.

Who I am
can never completely be known.

Whatever I am
is who I am

To know myself thus fully,
is to spread myself in all directions
to encompass all.

Spread so thin
my center disappears
and with it

I am a lump of butter
spread on the bread of life
only it's an enlarging slice.

as soma
can never completely be known.

Never mind.

Never known.

Now, since we don't know what that is,
know neither soma or mind
in any summary or complete sense

nor the meaning of this stanza, altogether.

And that is its meaning.

Despite all that,
we can have memories of things
even aggregate memories of similar things
and so seem to know things
and yet
it's approximate knowing of what IS
only approximate.

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