Life is Not What We Think It Is

Life is only approximately what we think it is.

Our ability to think is based upon memory
and only then extended as imagination.

Life is never exactly that, however close we may be.
Life is a moving target.

To believe otherwise is to believe the dream
of memory

to enact life as dreamed in memory
sparring with dreamed others

who are not exactly what or who we think them to be.

To believe otherwise leads to misunderstandings
stemming from our memories of self and of experiences,
acting as if they are now exactly that way.

But life is only approximately what we think it is
and even only approximately what we feel it as.

The same is true of all other people.
Even the "hard and fast knowledge" of science
is statistical
and variations occur in each individual case of experience.

We have to allow for the possibility of unexpected change
and for being wrong, or "off"
and for course-corrections.

Everything Happens Before We Know It

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