Kosmic Alka-Seltzer

Here's anudder one:
"Kosmic Alka-Seltzer"

  • Egoic self | Nirmanakaya - memory body
  • Evolving Self | Sambhogakaya - dreaming/imagining body
  • Ground of Being | Dharmakaya - no body

The Evolving Self (Sambhogakaya) sacrifices itself
by combining with the Egoic Self (Nirmanakaya)
but the two can merge/integrate only by virtue of
the non-attachment communicated by no-self (Dharmakaya)
and be redeemed by dissolution into the Dharmakaya - no-form.

-- or --

The Ancient of Days
Swallowed a cloud
and cured a bad case
of existential heartburn.

How much do I operate from the egoic point of view? -- memory reinforcement --


How much do I operate as the Evolutionary Imperative?  -- imaginational/creative emergence --
Occasionally throughout the day -- generally, when I'm not in the midst of DOING SOMETHING.  I prefer to pay attention to what I am doing.

You know?

What happens when you combine the two by putting your attention into them?

What happens?

My egotism (a quality, not an object) softens into ego-ism and mutates, then and there, and I take a new form with a breath and a kind of squirming self-adjustment.

I mutate.

Does that make you uncomfortable?

We're living in The Future, now.

You'll have to get used to the idea of mutants being a-l-l-l around.
Just kidding.

Don't worry.  Really.

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