Foot in Shoe |or| Kosmic Orgasm

Real consciousness is characterized
by allowing all things to be lived.

The transition from experience to experience
does not exclude the earlier, less mature adaptation.

It integrates it with that into which we are transitioning
so that the past (memory) is accepted, but transformed
by the new "emergence" of "old" into "new"
into something new
in which something of the old is recognizable.

is just the gravitational attraction
of the strange attractor
that is our earlier adaptation
to itself.

is accepting the egoity
which is an adaptation
and creatively upgrading
the adaptation of egoity.

Transcendence is the motion
of emergence
as new adaptation

as egoity merges and integrates with motion
and self-transcends into a new form
in which something of the old self-form is recognizable.

If egoity is the activity of gravity,
What must be the activity of levity?
Making light?


What if they all are the same?

Emergent Self (mythic figure)
meets Egoic Self (memory figure)

and Egoic Self
meets Emergent Self

And which is which?

We no longer know which way to push.
(or pull).

We stop.

We let go.

We recognize the self-contraction in which we are set.

We recognize.

We release.

We breathe.


et c.

e t c .

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