for Diagnosis of the President-elect

Happy people are more productive than unhappy people.
Unhappy people are more destructive than happy people.

Some unhappy people are unhappy because of what they are, themselves, doing,
perhaps that they feel they must do,
not because they want to,
but because they are afraid of not doing it.

They are unhappy with themselves for what they are doing,
and nothing they do makes them feel happy enough
so they do more of it
expecting the payoff.

It's a case of,
"What we lose with every sale,
we make up in volume."

They are angry at others
as if others were the cause of their self-generated unhappiness and dissatisfaction
for going against themselves,
telling themselves they are ("must be") right
in what they, themselves, are doing.

Happy people are more productive.
Unhappy people are more destructive.

They are not destructive because they are unhappy.
They are unhappy because they are destructive,
and unhappier as they move more in that direction.

Happy people are more productive
and happier as they move in that direction.

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