Impermanence and Eternality | beyond mind, inherent in us Lawrence Gold

This entry may feel like you cannot grasp it. It’s true.

It compels you to release mind into No-Form (because you can’t mentally grasp it). “No Form” is not a concept of the mind. It’s the feeling of, “Beginner’s Mind” — what I have called, The Zone of Incomprehensibility — a phenomenon of the learning process. Get comfortable with it.

First thing:
Impermanence and eternality are conceptualized concepts.

Second thing:
"Impermanence" has in it the word, "permanence". Therefore, "impermanence" appears to be a "something" that has the meaning, "permanent impermanence" -- for, although nobody I know of has ever said it, "impermanence" is understood to be a "permanent" condition.

By its very nature, "impermanence" has about it an air of being "something". And it is: it is a conceptualized concept, a marker, a placeholder for a certain feeling of or sense of things. "Impermanence", representing transcience or temporary-ness or temporality (movement), is taken for a permanent attribute of all existence -- an unchanging SOMETHING! And, again, it is: it is a concept.

Transcience or impermanence or temporary-ness, or temporality imply movement or motion or transmutation (change); they do not imply anything in themselves, but only give rise to a mindset of becoming somehow vague. A synergistic counterpart is needed.

And that synergistic counterpart is Eternality.

We may gaze into Eternality in two ways:
  1. by conceptualizing a kind of indefinite foreverness in which the mind gives up at the furthest reach of imagination
  2. by observing the present moment and noticing the continuity of consciousness, regardless.

The one is the immanence of something becoming tangible, but limited by the reach of imagination.

The other is transcendental and looks to no form for evidence of its existence.

The closest we can come to, "transcendental", conceptually, is that it "IS",
"IS" being a conceptualized concept -- right next door to AIN'T.

So that ain't it, either.

Immanence must be endlessly moving,
for if it ceases to move,
it ceases, altogether.

Temporary-ness and Temporality
are the very stuff of existence,
without which,
nothing exists, altogether.

Eternality is no-thing.
It is the reach of attention into the closest sense of impending NOW,
but that's still memory -- short-term memory.
Memory fades and mutates
but Eternality is the perpetually unknown Unknown
rested of the mind.
If, to find the "Eternal" closest sense of impending NOW
we make an effort,
we are substituting a memory of "how" the Eternal should be recognized
for being that which we already are,
the Eternally Unknown Unknown,
rested of the mind.

To identify and to release the Eternal
is to be the Eternal,
since the Eternal cannot be object to the Eternal;
objects are all temporal
only lent the sense of permanence by the presence of the Eternal
the Moveless Eternal
which is not known
but stands in contrast
to all of temporary temporality
which is movement, time, and memory

Locate and abandon Eternality,
and you'll find that you also release the memory traces of your temporary existence.

The memory traces of your temporary existence
are one with your sense of Eternality.

Release one, you release both.

Eternality is the felt substance
of all that is temporary.
Eternality lends its substance
to the temporary
and makes it seem eternal.

The remembrance of all that
doesn't do a thing to your experience of it.


 Impermanence and Eternality | beyond mind, inherent in us

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