It is taught and well-known in the teaching called Rolfing Structural Integration, that one way to reach and affect the neck is through the nose.  This is the Rolfing move made famous in the movie, Semi-Tough, in which Burt Reynolds' character is required by the team owner to get "Pelfed", and the old lady comes out to greet him wearing a latex glove. 

"Wha- what's that for?"
"The inside of the nose is a reflection of the personality."

But I digress up to a point:

We can find out what Ida Rolf discovered and how Rolfers use the relationship between the inside of the nose and the cervical spine by doing . . . . .

THE TONGUE MUDRA | transformational phenomenal experience

The Tongue Mudra:
*  tip of the tongue on roof of the mouth behind front teeth
*  back of the tongue lifted and secured against rear molars
*  center of the tongue cupped like a spoon or radar dish

Sensing the center of the palate above the tongue-cup
feel it light up and become sensitized.

Feeling that, breathe through the nose
and feel the current
from the tongue
to the palate
through the nasal cavity
defining the septum
feeling through the brain cavity
breathing in-and-out the crown chakra
feeling the base of the head change its seat on the neck
and feeling the effect go the the spine behind the heart.

Various spontaneous, self-adjusting kriyas may occur.

Suitable for sitting meditation.

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