The Intelligence of a Mature Age

You just wake up, one day
and realize what life has done to you
and the results of what you have been doing to yourself.

You begin to uncover the aftereffects of
The Ten Thousand Shocks
Flesh is Heir to
in yourself.

Some think it's "age".
You know better.

Then, the real work begins --
undoing it.

All we've accumulated from childhood
educational institutions
religious institutions
and social institutions
like the mass communications media
all become like bilge in the belly of the ship
and barnacles on the hull
a long time accumulating
and like an anchor
weighing things down
slowing down maneuverability,
charts of old sea routes no longer used
except by us.

So, the first part of life is the absorbing of all that,
to have the "training wheels" for starting to navigate life;

the middle part of life is enacting it all,
and also adapting it to ourselves
and ourselves to it.

and the later part of life is
scraping the barnacles
siphoning out the bilge
and lifting anchor to lighten the ship for sailing.

All of that is the personal, egoic self
the conditional self
the memory self.

The other self
is the unconditional self
the awareness self
the no-self self.

Memory occurs in awareness
just as the conditional self
occurs within the unconditional self.

The Gold Key Release
provides a way

to dissolve the binding grip of memory
to allow the conditional self more fluidity.

to sort out memory from imagination
and come free from compulsive motivations

to reveal hidden intentions to oneself
for self- and situational understanding

to liberate attention from binding self-conditioning,
to extricate ourselves into collected sanity

and altogether to scrape the barnacles
siphon out the bilge,
and cleave, cut and polish
the precious gems of memory-self
to find the crystalline equilibrium
of no-definition.

Somatic Education as Training Wheels

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