Religion, Myth and Dreams

Religion is a placeholder for the imagination and aspirations of human somas.

Imagination is the field of desire and resistance.

Aspiration is eros, being drawn to the attractive unknown.

We perceive the mythic realm when attention rises from immersion in concrete actions and memory, and is allowed to spread out into imagination and memory.

The spreading is into what some call "subtle realms" or "dream zones" or "dream time",
the field of possibility,
a subset of the field of all possibility.

The mythic realm is an ongoing subtle pull upon attention by currents of the world-mind
a movement that pulls us into our memories,
induces drift of attention,
and submerges us in dreams and reveries.

There, one finds the world of myth --
"concretizations of mind" (memories),
a world of possibilities that may have or may yet
show up as actuality.

Actuality seems concrete.
But actuality is always in motion.
It is the reliability of the motions of something we take as actual
that indicates or suggests something is actually concrete.

So it is that the brain can't tell the difference
between an imagined occasion
and an actual occasion,
if their vividness -- or the spell they cast upon (and captivate) attention -- is equal.

Thus, literature may move us to tears or laughter
by the spell of words we call,

And so also may our own stream of thinking
move us to feel things,
whether the stream be about what is actual
or about what is imagined.

Myth is Dream,
saved and made common.

Dreams may be the precursor
of actualities.

is a placeholder for our imaginings,
upon which rests our faith,
save for us until we can take flight, for ourselves
in flights of imagination and acts of faith.

Religion is "training wheels"
supporting our own sense of integrity, of balance
before we have found integrity and balance, for ourselves.

Religion is "training wheels"
for our nascent intuiting of the field of all possibility
both those possibilities that seem most accessible
and those possibilities that extend our reach


Possibilities in The Field of All Possibility

and beyond.
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  1. Lawrence, you covered religion, myth and dream so beautifully and poetically. I used to be a mind-body therapist and was also trained in Rolfing and more. Now my partner and I are applying our psychotherapy background to our art and writing. I strongly support your somatic orientation and can speak to the power of it. I will post your blog link on our new blog:
    I am having a bit of trouble with the formatting which you seemed to have conquered. Donna Sellers