Mainstreaming Hanna Somatic Education, part 2

What would happen if Somatics went mainstream?

Some people are concerned that we couldn't meet the demand resulting from mainstream attention and that Hanna somatic education would then, somehow, "look bad". 

At worst, people would end up on our waiting lists, as they did for Thomas Hanna (who was booked a year in advance when he trained us).  The more people want it, the better it looks.

Another concern is that, if we train too many people, the quality of practitioners may go down, and again, we could "look bad".

And another concern is that many practitioners are not able to improvise or to handle conditions not well handled through Lessons 1, 2 and 3.  It's a limitation of "rote learning", rather than learning with understanding.

Finally, and this may be the biggie:  that if (and when) Hanna somatic education goes viral and gets huge, we will lose control of it and of quality control.

I believe those may be legitimate concerns, and we should consider the trade-offs of this magnitude of success.

One way to handle these considerations is to sort out the best practitioners who are interested in training people and encourage them to train people -- and to offer advanced trainings so everyone is up to speed -- another one of Thomas Hanna's stated intentions.  People trained outside of Novato Institute-sponsored trainings would then pay a fee to come be evaluated for competency and certification.  This possibility is workable, if done with integrity and with the intention to succeed.

Serving People on the Waiting List
Many people on a waiting list could adequately be served through an alternate avenue.

That alternate avenue is somatic exercises, which can be learned and taught by people already in place in different sections of mainstream culture, but who do not do clinical somatic education:  movement educators. Instruction can also be broadcast (e.g., "Lillias on Yoga", on PBS) and it can be mass-published and purchased on distributable media.

Later, I'll say more about four easiest "mainstream culture" avenues through which somatic education can penetrate.  For now, I'll say that it involves somatics "going viral".

Would you like that?


What you can do, right now:

1. Do this procedure to free yourself from both fear of failure and fear of success.  If you're good to go, you're good to go; if not, you know where you need training or coaching.

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