The Somatic Jack-in-the-Box

To be somatically aware
is to be aware of ones internal state or process
as well as aware of what is (apparently) external.

To be aware of our internal state
is the current growth-edge of human development.

It is a movement away from predictable,
programmed reactions to external conditions
without much internal awareness
toward novel, evolving responses to external conditions
with awareness of ones internal state
which includes emotions, thoughts, and subtle feeling-perceptions
as well as sensations of bodily movement.

Novel responses are emergent behaviors
catalyzed by attention to internal
as well as external

Attention is a catalyst to development.
Attention feeds and pushes into growth.

Whatever attention is on
grows and develops.
When attention is on the internal state
the internal state grows and develops.

As the internal state grows and develops
more perceptual faculties emerge
more distinctions can be detected in experiences
more intelligence develops
more capacities come on-line
and the perception of the external world changes
even as we make changes in the external world with interaction and creativity.

The growth-edge of human development
is attention free to move between internal and external.

The move internal
is the current move of somatic awakening.

The free movement between internal and external
is the move of somatic intelligence developing --

Somatic development is full-spectrum evolutionary development.

To the honoring of wisdom
is the acceptance of ones function
in the formation of the continually

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