Generally, when "I make" intentions, they're based on ego-based memory (habit, conditioning, or "shoulds").  It seems that when intentions arise both from "within" and from the World Process, synchronously/simultaneously, they have more coherence than ONLY-ego-based intentions (which leave me subject to concerns about "was that right? useful? evolutionary?").  "Coherence" means "clear signal" or "intuitive vividness"; attention and intention congeal into a sense of focus characterized by quietness of mind or intuitive depth along with the intuitive sense of the thing intended ("form is emptiness").  The World Process and ego mutually reinforce and that mutual reinforcement creates a sense of "rightness", the experiential sense of the outcome/thing to be created, and empowerment -- of ego operating "beyond ego"; by contrast, one without the other creates a weak signal, inability to focus all that well, or the sense of being imposed upon by, and afraid of, circumstances (colloquially called "separateness" -- really, memory-based misalignment).  So it seems to me.

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