Time, Memory, and Eternality

Memory is the confusion of time
(sensation-in-motion or disequilibrium)

with the intuition of the Eternal
(equilibrium) . . . . .
by which we confuse duration
with Eternality . . . . .
so that what we are experiencing now
feels like it is lasting forever
(which is why people need to be reminded of
the Buddhist Doctrine of Impermanence, or "This, too, shall pass.").

The Eternal is our sense of
the asymptotically fine omni-equilibrium

of the Omniverse . . . . .

misinterpreted as Voidness
, Emptiness,
or the Unknowable

but which is just indeterminacy.

The "Eternal" is actually the supremely finely vibrating
dynamic equilibrium
of the fields of all co-existing and interpenetrating local ("parallel") universes.

All local universes are moving disequilibrium (or dynamic equilibrium) processes
appearing as material processes/energy fields
or time, itself,
arising (condensing or precipitating, like weather) out of the ground of being
(or "cloud of Unknowing")
which is that Omni-versal Equilibrium.

Time and "the Eternal" are a continuum,
"not two".

Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form.


There is No "Now" Moment -- There is An All-Present Now-Field

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