Constipation of the Greedy and Trickle-Down Theory

Allow me to start with two wisecracks, befitting the title.

"The Fat Cats has been liposuctioning the "fat" out of the economy, into their own pockets, which they don't seem to mind."

Or, otherwise, our world economy appears to be suffering from "Constipation of the Rich".

Trickle-down theory only seems to work when you put the squeeze on, and the ones in control of the squeeze are those who would NOT be squeezed -- so, no squeeze, no trickle-down.

So, this watered-down economy gets by on a trickle while the Fat Cats of the world are bloated with Constipation of the Rich.

And when Constipation of the Rich is concerned, everything slows down.  Stagnation sets in.  People complain.  The News Media make news out of it, as if it's something that results from mysterious economic forces out of anyone's control.

But there's nothing new or even newsworthy about Constipation of the Rich.


Because no one's done anything (consequential) about it.

Some of us are working on it.

You may become a member of the elite club, The Integral Somatics Association of Earth -- "Busybodies, All".

We start down-to-Earth.  Just send for and listen for free to a beautifully articulated and nuanced reading, in its entirety and in the moods of its author, of the transcription of Thomas Hanna's fervently inspiring, book-length tirade one afternoon in 1974 and into the evening. That tirade became The End of Tyranny.  Hear him describe what is happening today with such penetrating clarity that you'll be aroar with the fire of righteous intelligence as you recognize what you see and hear happening, today, with new understanding.  Once you've started, you'll be drawn right in.  It'll light a fire under your hiney, so take it a little at a time, in sections lasting ten minutes, or so.  No need to rush through it.

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