A Second Stand at Standing Rock

It has already been predicted that a new standoff is going to occur at Standing Rock over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

With that standoff, we may see what the Trump Administration is made of.

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Here's a quote curated from the Act Blue website:

The new administration has sent hundreds of law enforcement to Standing Rock over the last 48 hours and the oil companies have matched them with over 300 new and aggressive security staff. Over the weekend, a water protector was run over by a snowmobile and the North Dakota legislature is about to pass a law allowing drivers to run over Water Protectors without charges! Help us match these acts of violence with non-violent protests and prayer. We need food, medical care, and legal support more than ever. 

A big problem with the DAPL is that it is to pass under a freshwater lake that serves as the main source of water for the local population -- hence the name, "Standing Rock Water Protectors". A fracture or leak of the DAPL at that location would contaminate that water. Such has already occurred, recently, in Pennsylvania.

On the side of the DAPL are the mass of Stupids who believe that the highest accomplishment of a man is to acquire money. That includes the new President, President Donald, a man whose time has come -- and gone -- long ago -- a relic of a previous mentality now inhabited primarily by young people starting out, the poverty-sticken, immigrants, and those in a state of arrested development.

The Stupids believe that the risk of contamination of the lake is an acceptable price to pay for their profit, even at the cost of the health of thousands, as occurred in Flint, Michigan.

The standoff, which may go in a number of directions, may, I believe, set the tone for this administration's handling of all manner of civil disobedience.

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Today, I was asked to leave the senate gallery of the New Mexico legislature in Santa Fe because I refused to remove my hat. One of the attendants called the police to have me removed and one told me that I might be arrested. I suggested that he tell them that I had refused to remove my hat.

I left before the police arrived and walked in a leisurely way to the door -- followed by two police officers. One officer told me that to remove my hat was a sign of respect; I countered that it was not a sign of respect, but of obedience. He told me that to remove my hat was a rule of the building; I countered that rules do not deserve respect merely because they are rules, but because of the legitimate function they serve. He said that he was not there to engage in a discussion; I responded I wasn't asking him to, but rather that I was starting a line of thought. All this, over a hat. I pointed to the larger political climate and cited this encounter as an ominous development.

That was an abbreviated accounting of the encounter. I left.

Think on that.

Then, think on larger matters.

There comes a time when both the police and the military should exercise intelligent judgment, confine themselves to enforcing THE LAW and not the arbitrary will of those in power.

Don't you think?

Resistance?? What good are protests if they bring out the police and the military?

How about countless acts of civil disobedience, small and large, that bring oppressive actions so frequent and so repressive, so counter to the American spirit of freedom, that even Trump's supporters repudiate him?

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