The Rape of the Standing Rock Sioux "Water Protectors"

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The occurrences at Standing Rock are a kind of "watershed" or turning point of history. Lethal force is being directed at non-violent/peaceful protesters who are protecting their rightful land, their water supply, and their health. I think the significance of these events is underestimated -- so let me provide an estimation more in proportion to its significance.

We are at a crisis, which is to say, a turning point. As we slide into what appears to be a Trump Administration, we are in the midst of a confrontation of two great cultural forces:

  1. predatory, totalitarian power: the fascist "Capitalist:Government Complex" warned of by President Eisenhower as, "The Military:Industrial Complex"
  2. prey: just, sustainable democracy
The "predatory totalitarian power" participants are the police at Standing Rock and the economic interests whom they serve. The "predatory totalitarian power" participants are the .1% who own as much of the country as the lower 90% (numbers according to Bernie Sanders), who use every legality to sequester (acquire and hide) wealth in what amounts to "diabetes of the economy", who control the conventional mass-communications news media. They are a sickness of world culture, which includes economics and communication.

Historically, predatory totalitarian interests employ all means, moral and immoral, to obtain their end goals, which are the total control of the minds and resources of the general population for their own outdated power interests. They connive. They speak one way and act another. They lie. Watch for that. Wake up and observe the developments.

The "sustainable democracy" participants are the Sioux "Water Protectors, whom the police have been assaulting -- and also participants in the "political revolution" being fostered by Bernie Sanders, Wikileaks, Anonymous, other political progressives, and those of the "99% who are intelligent enough to recognize going on and to take effective measures to remove control from the hands of totalitarian power" interests.

The police are in the wrong on three counts.
  1. Control of the land in question belongs to the Sioux, by treaty.
  2. The pipeline is an extension of obsolescent and ecologically dangerous fossil fuel technology that endangers the purity of the water supply and the biosphere.
  3. The police are engaging in unjustifiable, inhumane, I would say, "humanoid" behavior.
The Sioux "Water Protectors", on the other hand, are in the right on all three counts.

The conflict is between the predatory interests of profit, which the police serve, and the Preamble to the Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, itself, which support the rights of the Sioux Water Protectors to viable life and human health.

The police exhibit the signs of deficiencies of morality and of intelligence. So do the mass media, and so do those who make up the U.S. Government and remain silent. They apparently lack the intelligence or courage to question their own actions and to disobey orders. "I vas only following orderss," was the excuse given by Adolf Eichmann at Nuremberg, at the Nazi war crime trial, at which he was convicted and given the death sentence. The police are also following orders and feel that they are in the right because they are following orders, and not questioning or refusing the orders of their authorities.

The situation we are hearing about and seeing constitutes the rape of the Sioux tribe "Water Protectors".

And in that situation do we slide into a Presidential administration marked by the same deficiencies of morality and of intelligence. Where are the Presidential statements condemning the actions of the police? Where are the National Guard, who might be sent to surround and protect the Sioux "Water Protectors"? Where are the cries of political progressives who are in a position to mobilize public opinion and voices of the populace?

This is a turning point and it may turn either of two ways:
  1. toward redress of wrongs perpetrated and failures to act by the U.S. Government and totalitarian Capitalist interests
  2. toward a trend of more of the same wrong behavior
Which way it turns depends largely upon the American populace. If we don't turn upon the wrongdoers and our own Governmental "authorities" with a mighty, concerted, sustained roar that exceeds the impact of rubber bullets, water cannon, tear gas, and concussion grenades, it seems to me that the trend in the wrong direction may continue. What do you think?

The American People will get what they deserve. Consider the events at Standing Rock to be precedent-setting actions. If we let them get away with it, if we don't act now to set boundaries as to what is acceptable behavior, if we fail to reform the attitudes toward government authority and profit-seeking behavior, economically and politically. some very unpleasant, sustained lessons may follow during the next Presidential Administration and beyond. I say, "may". You know what I mean.

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