An Open Letter to President Obama on an Openly Treasonous Republican Congress

Dear Mr. Obama,

To begin, I have overall been glad that you hold office -- though I have been dismayed by certain actions of your administration.

Please allow me to present a perspective of relevance to your situation with the Congressional Republicans.

You are dealing with a treasonous, runaway Congress in the hands of the Republicans.

This assertion may seem an exaggeration. However, it is exactly accurate, as I will show. In my opinion, the Congressional Republicans should be dealt with accordingly, in ways that I will shortly outline.


The treason of the Congressional Republicans has taken two forms, and I will state how their actions have been treasonous.
  1. Overstepping the Legislative role of the Congress by communicating with the government of Iran with regard to their stepdown from radioactive technology, advising them to disregard your initiatives. So doing, forty-seven Republican senators usurped the role of the Executive Branch.
  2. Refusing to hold hearings on your nominee(s) to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court bench, thus refusing to fulfill their obligation under the Constitution. By obstructing the rightful action of the Presidency, they are both derelict in their duty and placing themselves above the Presidency and The Constitution. 
These two actions fail to honor the "separate but equal" system of checks and balances of our tripartite system of government, (which, I state for other readers, consists of) the Executive Branch (the Presidential Administration), the Legislative Branch (Congress) and the Judicial Branch (the Court System).

This system of checks and balances, as I know you are aware (but am stating for other readers), along with the U.S. Constitution, constitute the heart and foundation of the republic we call The United States of America.

Whereas our Constitution is subject to interpretation, the system of checks and balances is not subject to interpretation. The roles are clearly defined.

In any case, the Congressional Republicans have violated the heart of our republic on both counts. They are engaged in actively undermining, which is to say, bringing down the republic, whether they know and acknowledge it, or not.

Until now, you haven't taken action against the Republicans. It may be that you were "giving them enough rope to hang themselves". I hope that has been your rationale and strategy, since to fail to take action might otherwise be seen as failure to fulfill your oath of office.


I suggest four stages of recourse.
  1. Engage The Supreme Court 
  2. Show of Force 
  3. Implementation of Force 
  4. Indictment for Treason

Engage The Supreme Court

You might request The Supreme Court issue opinions on the two violations named above.

If the Court fails to respond as a body, you might request opinions of the Justices, individually, and publish those opinions both in summary form and verbatim.

For the Court to refuse to respond -- or to fail to distinguish the Republicans' violation of the separation of powers of the three branches of government -- would invalidate their legitimacy as a soundly operating branch of the Federal Government even more distinctly than the Citizens United decision.

In that case, you might legitimately ask for resignations -- if only as a symbolic act.

Failing to get a change of action by the Congressional Republicans, you might implement the second stage.

Show of Force

The show of force, in this case, might be to order a three-day freeze on the assets of the Congressional Republicans involved.

It is my understanding that it is within the power of The Executive Branch to do so.

Those assets include:
  1. bank accounts and credit, both personal and belonging to their official office
  2. franking privileges (free mail postage)
  3. email accounts
  4. websites
I also suggest incapacitations of all identifable "workarounds".

These actions are likely to stir up a "hornet's nest" in Congress and their constituents -- as well they should. That stirring up will also reveal their intentions, their motivations, and their illegitimate strategies.

Failing to get a change of action by the Congressional Republicans, you might implement the third stage.

Implementation of Force

Implementation might involve freezing and seizing, or permanently shutting down those assets.

This stage might also include giving notification that indictment for treason is immanent, if those "bad boys" don't straighten up their act, confine their actions to their rightful roles, and honor the system of checks and balances at the heart of our system of government.

Failing to get a change of behavior by the Congressional Republicans, you might implement the fourth stage, Indictment for Treason. "Failing to get a change of action" pertains as soon as one feels one is "waiting too long" for a response. You've already exercised patience.

With the power to declare war, the Congressional Republicans may constitute not only a danger to the Republic, but to humanity, at large.

As I said, earlier, failure to take action along some lines as effective as these could readily be construed as failing to carry out your oath of office to protect the Republic.

     yours truly,

    Lawrence Gold

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