End S-I Joint Pain | Sidelying Lifts | unit 1 of Comfort Your S-I Joints

This is a preliminary public release of two-of-three basic exercises from Comfort Your S-I Joints.

You precede these movements with Gentle Spine Waves, available on this YouTube channel.

A sacrum that is twisted in relation to its neighboring hip bones (ilia) creates internal stresses within the pelvis that spread throughout the body as far as the jaws. Mysterious, “untreatable” pains result — pains that abate as the sacrum approaches its normal position, often without having to be addresses, specifically.

This tutorial is the first step of a regimen available at the bottom of the entry, “Understanding the Sacro-Iliac Joints, Relieving S-I Joint Pain “, at http://lawrencegoldsomatics.blogspot.com/2011/04/understanding-sacro-iliac-joints.html

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